London City - riverside

Intriguing but little known facts about London

The British capital is one of the most renowned cities in the world. It is home to a number of world famous landmarks and according to the latest studies in the most popular tourist destination on the planet. However, despite its fame, there are many things that people, even locals don’t know about London. The […]

Garrick’s Temple to Shakespeare

Richmond Upon Thames – a jewel in London’s crown

The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames is situated on both sides of the River Thames and is home to some fascinating landmarks that attract many tourists every day. Within the borough boundaries you can enjoy enormous parklands and open spaces such as Richmond Park, Kew Gardens and Old Deer Park. Speaking of green land, […]

Wimbledon town centre

Three reasons to love Merton

The London Borough of Merton is to be found in the south-western corner of the map of the capital. It is a really nice place in many respects, and here we are ready to present you with three very good points on why the area ranks among the best in Greater London. Wimbledon The world […]

Ealing Hospital

Fascinating facts about Ealing you might not have heard about

Being the main administrative centre and the historic heart of the borough of the same name, the present day district of Ealing is a fine residential area with a town-like character. From reputable moving services in Ealing to easy access to central London via tube and railway to local amenities that are actually going to […]

Whitton Road, Hounslow

Four prominent residential districts in Hounslow

The London Borough of Hounslow lies in the western parts of the English capital. It is comprised of 23 districts which have a combined population of about 270.000 people. The borough is the location to some of the city’s most desirable residential areas and today we will introduce some of them to you. Hatton is […]

Bow Church Station

A Brief Tour of Tower Hamlets

Located in the central parts of London, the Borough of Tower Hamlets covers an area of 7.63 square miles and is one of the smallest in the English capital. It has an estimate population of 295.000 people which makes it one of the most populous areas in the United Kingdom. The borough has a density […]

London Docklands

The character of Newham revealed by three of its key areas

Newham is an East London borough, the majority of which is located to the north of the River Thames. Just a small portion of Newham occupies territories to the south of the river. With population of 332 800, it contains some of the finest residential areas in these parts of the capital. Like all the other […]

London Canal Museum

Historic and Demographic Overview of Islington

The Borough of Islington is one of the Inner London boroughs of the British capital. Like many of the other boroughs, Islington too was formed in 1965 through a merger of two former districts, those of Islington and Finsbury, both of which were metropolitan boroughs up to that point. Despite the amalgamation, Islington remains to […]

Hounslow Heath

Hounslow and What You Didn’t Know about It

The London Borough of Hounslow is situated in the west of the capital, stretching from Central London to the border with Surrey to the west. Hounslow is one of the Outer London boroughs. Besides Hounslow itself, the major areas to form the borough are Chiswick, Brentford, Feltham and Isleworth. The borough’s governing body – Hounslow […]

Crofton Park Road

The alluring areas of The Borough of Lewisham

A number of London Boroughs were formed in 1965 with the London Government Act and Lewisham is no exclusion to that. The borough was formed after it was merged together with the Metropolitan Borough of Deptford. The principle settlement also has the name of Lewisham and is a very beautiful district. A fun fact is […]

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