Houses on Eel Pie Island

Explore Richmond’s Best Districts with Us

As you may already know pretty well, the present day territory of the English capital is divided into 32 distinct areas that were formed after the Government Act of 1963 was issued. Those areas are called boroughs. Even though every single borough of London differs in size, location and overall character, it is easy to […]

Happy Children

A Simpler Way to Move with Children

Domestic removals are quite stressful no matter what is involved in the overall process. One thing is certain though – things become a tad more complicated when there is a child involved. Moving with kids can prove to be quite a challenge, but fortunately there are things that you can do in order to make […]

Customs officer

How to organise an international removal

People pack their things and move to foreign countries for a myriad of reasons. Some relocate because of their careers, others wish to live in richer and better governed stated and some just want to get to know a different culture and way of life. Regardless of the motivations behind such a decision, the only […]

Millets Corner

A Summary Of Things And Places To See In Croydon

The London Borough of Croydon may not be located in close proximity to the city centre but it is a popular place for an astounding number of commuters. With its excellent transport links, lush green open spaces, wonderful schools and semi-rural serenity, the borough attracts people of all ages, backgrounds and family statuses. In fact, […]

Green office moving

Why and How to Move Office in an Eco-friendly Manner

Compared to moving home, organising a commercial removal requires the use of bigger moving vans (often more than one), more helping hands and extra packing materials. That is namely why the negative impact that they have on the environment is greater than most domestic removal projects. So, if you are about to move office in […]

Skilled pro movers

When moving – avoid these five mistakes

Moving homes in the big city is more complex than you might have thought. There are a lot of things that you should do in order to make sure your domestic relocation goes as smoothly as you hoped it to, but there are also don’t in the whole process that you should be on the […]

Almeida Theatre

Beautiful buildings in Islington

The district of Islington lies in the northern parts of London at about four miles from the junction of Charing Cross. According to the last census, the area is home to a population of 200.000. Islington is also the location of some of the most fascinating edifices in the English capital. Union Chapel Designed in […]

London City - riverside

Intriguing but little known facts about London

The British capital is one of the most renowned cities in the world. It is home to a number of world famous landmarks and according to the latest studies in the most popular tourist destination on the planet. However, despite its fame, there are many things that people, even locals don’t know about London. The […]

Garrick’s Temple to Shakespeare

Richmond Upon Thames – a jewel in London’s crown

The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames is situated on both sides of the River Thames and is home to some fascinating landmarks that attract many tourists every day. Within the borough boundaries you can enjoy enormous parklands and open spaces such as Richmond Park, Kew Gardens and Old Deer Park. Speaking of green land, […]

Wimbledon town centre

Three reasons to love Merton

The London Borough of Merton is to be found in the south-western corner of the map of the capital. It is a really nice place in many respects, and here we are ready to present you with three very good points on why the area ranks among the best in Greater London. Wimbledon The world […]

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