Before You Move Your Business…

Jada Phillips |

Before moving your company, there are several things you need to consider in order to make right choices to achieve great business results. Moving is more than just finding the new space. You need to find a place that will reflect company’s value and culture. Such working environment results in more productive staff as well.

Relocating a company is an important decision. That is why it’s important to think it through. Do you have alternatives or you have no choice but to move? Is that really necessary? Do you have a complete control over your finances?

Here are few ways to decide whether you really need to move your company and if so, how to do it.

Is removal really mandatory?

You need to think about whether you really need to move or there is a chance to stay at your current address and make some other changes to improve your business strategy. Perhaps you can upgrade your current space and make some adjustments. Relocating a company is expensive and it can make great disruption to the business. Perhaps renovation can be an alternative that will work. What you need is to think about long-term requirements of both your clients and your business. If you can avoid relocation and find other solution that will work, then you probably should reconsider your decision.

Do you need more space?

You are already spending a lot of money on renting your space. Moving to a bigger space means bigger rent bills. So, do you really need a bigger space and will you be able to spend a way more money on the rent? Perhaps you should consider reorganizing your current space and create a flexible environment where you simply make the best usage of the space.

Does your environment reflect your company’s brand?

Office with large windowWe are living in a modern world where technology is taking over. Technology is incorporated in every aspect of our lives, including businesses. So, before you decide to relocate your company, think about what you can do to make your space keep up with current trends. You want your working environment reflect your company’s brand and culture so take action and give your best to improve this aspect. Perhaps relocation is not necessary and you need to find ways to reorganize the space so it reflects your business.

Are your employees moving with you?

Have you thought about that when moving your company you are also relocating your employees? When looking for a perfect new location, you need to think about your employees and their needs. How will they come to work? What are their commuting options? Is a new space convenient for them?

Make early preparations

Before you make your decision on whether you really need to relocate or not, you need to do a thorough research prior your final decision. Look up for locations, check out renting expenses, check if the space is near important facilities and see whether your relocation fits your budget. You need to have a control over your finances at all times. Don’t rush with your decision and always consider alternatives.