Must-Have Accessories When You Are Moving

Jada Phillips |

When you are planning your relocation, do not forget to equip yourself with a few moving accessories. Even if you have decided to use some help such as Removals Team’s trusted house removal service in Church End NW10, you should still consider gearing up with some professional tools. That will make your house move:

  • Safer;
  • Faster;
  • Smoother;
  • More effective;

Even if you have moved house on a number of occasions in the past, you will still benefit if you arm yourself with the right equipment.

How to get specialised moving accessories

There are a few different ways in which you can get moving accessories. The first is to buy them. You can find such tools in home improvement stores, for example. But if you want to equip yourself with all of the items on our list, you will end up spending a huge amount of money. Unless you are moving home every other month, such an investment will not be worth it.

A more convenient and budget-friendly option is to simply rent all moving tools you will need from a local moving company. For a modest price, you will have the opportunity to move and handle your possessions with professional equipment. However, if you opt for quality house moving services in Bayswater W2 or in any other London area, you will not need to rent a thing because the movers will come to your home fully-equipped.

Specialty moving containers

If you prefer to move house without using professional assistance, make sure you at least have specialty moving containers. Unlike standard moving boxes, these ones are available in various shapes. With them, you will be able to pack items that have an odd shape such as paintings or objects that are extremely fragile like glassware, for instance. Some of the most popular types of speciality moving containers include mirror, wardrobe and dish boxes. Use a top-notch packing materials delivery in London if you need to get such containers.

Moving dolly

Heavy furniture and appliances are a nightmare to move and to lift. However, if you equip yourself with a moving dolly, this task will become much easier. Plus, you will not risk harming your back or dropping the item on your foot.

Stair climbing trolley

If you your house has a big staircase, you will need a stair climbing trolley. With it, you can single-handedly move a large and heavy box, furniture piece and even an appliance up or down the stairs. This is one of the best and smartest moving tools out there. So, do get it!

Furniture sliders

Sometimes furniture is too heavy to be moved with a trolley. In such cases, people prefer to slide them instead of lifting them. The problem is that by doing so, you can scratch and damage the floor. That, however, won’t happen if you put sliders under every furniture piece.

Make sure you wrap your large belongings with furniture blankets and that you stabilise them with moving straps once there are loaded onto the moving vehicle.