Unveiling the Strangest Moving Home Superstitions

Jada Phillips |

Every culture has its own set of superstitions related to… pretty much any aspect of our lives. So, don’t be surprised to hear that there are plenty of superstitions and odd traditions that should be carefully observed by those who are moving home. The purpose of most of them is either to:

  • Invite good luck and abundance in the home
  • Chase away evil spirits
  • Mark the start of a new chapter in the homeowner’s life

For your entertainment, we have collected some of the most interesting and unusual moving house superstitions. Some of them you probably already know and others – you will hear about for the very first time.

To avoid bad luck

According to one of the most common moving home superstitions, you should not move on a rainy day because that will invite a lot of bad luck into your new house. Unfortunately, it is hard to comply with this tradition if you are living in London. However, if you want to play it safe, you can schedule your relocation for March since that is one of the driest months in the UK. An even better solution would be to use insured domestic removal services in London. Skilled and experienced movers are not scared of rain and they are well-equipped to safely move your items even if there is a raging storm outside.

For a fresh start

Friday the 13thIf you want to escape from your past and to celebrate your move as a new beginning, you should not pack your old broom. Instead, leave it behind in your old home and get a new and better floor sweeping tool. It is believed that by doing so you will leave all bad things from your past behind your back.

To start anew, you will also need to remove the negative energy from your new house. There are many ways in which you can do that – from opening all of your windows and switching on the lights in every room to ringing a bell and burning a sage.

For wealth and prosperity

Those of you who want to enjoy financial stability in their new home should scatter rice or coins on the floor. But if you are afraid that your dog or child may accidentally swallow these prosperity tokens, you can try an alternative method – give salt and bread to your neighbours. They will like the gesture which means that you will not only invite abundance into your home, but you will also make some new friends.

To scare away evil spirits

The only thing worse than negative energy is an evil spirit. You certainly don’t want one lurking in the halls of the house. To scare every evil apparition that is squatting in your new home, put salt on the window sills and the thresholds. For some reason, bad-mannered ghosts don’t like to step on salt (go figure!). Another thing you can do to keep the evil spirits away is to paint your front door blue.

These superstitions are quite interesting but, you have to admit, the best way to start your life in a new home is by organising a housewarming party.