A Summary Of Things And Places To See In Croydon

Jada Phillips |

The London Borough of Croydon may not be located in close proximity to the city centre but it is a popular place for an astounding number of commuters. With its excellent transport links, lush green open spaces, wonderful schools and semi-rural serenity, the borough attracts people of all ages, backgrounds and family statuses. In fact, Croydon is the most highly populated London Borough. It is estimated that there are more than 381,000 who live there. Croydon is also a place where you can find many listed buildings. Some of the most notable of them are:

  • Church of All Saints
  • Old Palace School
  • Church of St Mary Addington
  • Addington Palace
  • Croydon War Memorial
  • The Church of St John the Evangelist
  • Airport House
  • Parish Church of St John the Baptist
  • Wrencote House

The fascinating town of Croydon

Airport House in CroydonThe administrative centre of the borough is the big town of Croydon. In the past, it was part of an industrial zone in London. Although that is no longer the case, one can still spot some of Croydon’s old warehouses made out of brick some of which were even constructed back in the Industrial Revolution.

Nowadays, Croydon is more famous as a shopping area. It has one of the largest shopping centres in the English capital – Whitgift Centre. Even though the facility was built more than 50 years ago, it still impresses with its massive size and the wealth of retail space that it offers.

Despite the ongoing regeneration projects in the town and the presence of contemporary buildings like the Saffron Square tower on Wellesley Road, Croydon still remains true to its past and to its heritage. The 19th-century Shirley Windmill continues to be maintained in a good condition to this day and locals can still drive by the town’s many historic corners. Croydon even brought back the tram services in London. As of 2000, the area known for having the first fully operational electric trams in the UK capital has become the only place in the city that has its own tram line. Aside from the modern tram services in the town, locals also have access to innovative moving services in Croydon CR0 that involve the use of fuel-efficient moving vans and professional equipment.

Croydon’s link to Surrey

Many of the districts and areas situated within the London Borough of Croydon used to be part of the historic county of Surrey. The lush and peaceful district of Kenley is one of them. It is set in the borough’s southern part and most of it is in the Metropolitan Green Belt. Since the area is very serene, well-connected to central London and quite green, more and more people choose to settle there. Moving to the district is very budget-friendly thanks to the availability of moderately priced home removal services in Kenley CR8.

Millets CornerAddington is another area in the borough that used to be part of Surrey. In fact, the neighbourhood was added to London’s territory in the early years of the 20th century. That is why, despite the ambitious regeneration in the area, most of the houses represent a different architectural period. They are large, sturdy and they continue to be of an excellent quality even though they were built many decades ago. The market for homebuyers looking to buy such interesting properties is on the rise which is why local movers in Addington CR0 have adopted a flexible work schedule and are ready to take on bookings on weekends and on bank holidays.

Even areas that are situated close to the borough’s administrative centre, like Addiscombe, remind of a long-gone era. Set just 1.5 miles from the large town of Croydon, this neighbourhood is home to a remarkable number of solid brick houses. The area was a key brick-making centre a few decades ago and its beautiful homes are a good reminder of the place’s golden days. Compared to many other districts in the borough, property prices in Addiscombe tend to be slightly higher. That is because of the area’s strategic location and the quality and history of the homes here. So, anyone who is looking to relocate to the neighbourhood is advised to rely on a professional moving company in Addiscombe CR0 that has a transparent pricing policy and offers customisable quotes.